Mini Majors at Longleaf Elementary – An Exploratory Arts Wheel



Students explore the world of photography through the eye of the lens. Students will get hands-on instruction using professional cameras and photo editing technology, and learn the concepts that will help transform them into tomorrow’s top photographers.



Students build confidence, creativity and expression through acting and theatre. Students will learn how to write and read scripts, command a stage, work as a team that brings stories to life, and gain the confidence that will make them successful, inspiring leaders in any field.

3D Art:


Students explore various mediums to freely create and communicate ideas and perspectives through 3D art. This medium enables students to explore and develop their creativity through group sculptures, fused glass, clay animation videos, and more.



Students will create, perform, and understand movement as a means of artistic communication. Students will have the opportunity to learn the following dance styles: Swing, Broadway, Hip Hop and more! Including cheer with a Former Buc’s Cheerleader!